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     Taris Charysyn is a world renowned premier Luggage Maker, with over 500 sets of Luggage and countless satisfied clientele from around the world. His luggage continues to find its way into the mainstream of the prestigious shows in North America and beyond. Working with many individual owners, and many high end restoration shops that cater specifically to the high level Concours d'Elegance shows, he is known for his precise craftsmanship, authenticity, integrity, quality and perfectionism, which is depicted in his attention to fine detail.

     M y unlimited offerings include handcrafted custom fitted luggage for Jaguar, Ferrari, Porsche, Mercedes, Aston-Martin, Bentley, Rolls-Royce, Lamborghini, Duesenberg, Maserati, Packard, BMW, Morgan, Triumph, Austin Healey and many other Vintage, Classic, and Contemporary Fine Automobiles; all to your personal or original marque specifications. Also, offerings include the restoration, or creation of exterior trunks that contain luggage sets.

     M y Luggage sets are authentically handcrafted with the highest quality materials available resulting in a durable structure that surpasses the quality of the original pieces offered of the era. They are uniquely molded using the finest leathers in the world and complimented with Nickel hardware, and custom made leather handles that match or compliment the luggage. The Interiors complete the perfection of the cases with Imported Quality English Broadcloth, a variety of plaids, or various other materials in colors of your choice. Some sets offer extra luggage configurations, or extra options such as Soft Zippered Totes.

     W hen viewing the photos, please consider that some cases and sets were custom made to clients specifications; shape, size, and color of exterior and interior. If you do not see a marque style or idea that you have in mind please ask, my imagination and talents are far reaching.

     Y our imagination will continue to inspire me to produce one of the most elegant accessories that will not only compliment your automobile, but also increase its value and enhance its uniqueness.

     I know what is important to you as a valued customer and will strive to do everything to satisfy you, starting with your first call of interest to the completion of your project. I want you, as an automobile enthusiast, to have one of the most beautiful sets of luggage that you deserve and will work with you in a timely fashion if you have a deadline to meet. Be assured, that I will surpass your expectations in both customer service and your resulting Luggage set.

Motor on with EleganceTM

A must have for the Serious Exhibitor..."I can't believe anyone could turn out such beautiful work."
                                                                                                              Bill Hirsch - Hirsch Automotive

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      Taris Charysyn has designed and produced luggage for the last 20 years, perfecting his craft. He continues to work in his shop nestled in the beautiful Northern Catskills of New York State, that gives him inspiration on a daily basis. His luggage has had destinations worldwide, and has been exhibited during Fashion Week of North America, sponsored by Mercedes Benz USA. His luggage is also on permanent display at the Mercedes Benz Center, CA. He has been noted for Exquisite Luggage Projects-in various other publications, and has also worked directly with designers and restoration shops to meet their clientele's luggage needs. Although his accomplishments are many, he continues to expand his offerings, starting with only one marque has grown to include countless marques, all of which are exquisitely presented to each individual valued customer.

Contact him and discuss your luggage needs.

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